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silver coloured dreams

chasing your hopes across rose fields and green hills

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pretty things for the world to see
roses and silver
this community is run by me izzy_flew_away. a collection of thoughts, dreams and ideas. about everything i love, music, fashion, art, photography, etc. not much of it is mine, it's merely all my inspirations put into one area so it can inspire more people. time flutters by us all, and sometimes, having something to share is what we all need. things that aren't necessary in life, but make things seem, a little better, make me happy, the green trees, the fluid taste of tea, orange juice, strawberry milkshake. snow and the stars. the concept of a watch is something i respect.

silver coloured dreams
collaborating with my tumblr, silver coloured dreams is the thought process behind my own life, both my tumblr and this community will be things i adore, enjoy, idolize, respect and appreciate. at the moment, the posting access is limited to me, but if it feels right, it may become open to the public, or other selected people who show a passion for the community.
1.) please be nice in comments
2.) swearing, refrained please.
3.) obviously, things like racism and aggression are just not wanted here
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